Club History

The Birman Society Inc. was founded in Melbourne Victoria on 30th April 1993.

The founding members were Lesley Freemann, Kevin Rock, Trish and John Newman. Present at the inaugural meeting were 26 new members, with apologies from 13 people.

First Executive Members
President: Lesley Freemann
Vice President: John Newman
Secretary: Vanessa Walloork
Treasurer: Trish Newman
Club Patron: Colin McKenzie

Kitten Registrar, Library Officer
Fund Raising/Functions, Editor
Birman Rescue, Ethics Committee

Our Sub-Committee members are very active, with as much enthusiasm and success as when the original group was set up. There is now an extensive library open to our members to borrow, covering most needs in relation to our feline friends. Since the beginning, fund raising has played an important role in the Society, ensuring available funds can be used to buy equipment for Society use and help support the running of our successful Cat shows.

The aims of this Society were agreed to by the members at the second meeting held in June 1993. The members know and understand the unique character of the Birman cat. They are caring enough to include in the rights of membership a ‘Code of Ethics’ for the protection and welfare of the animal. This should indicate to prospective members that the care and promotion of the breed are of prime concern to the members of the Society.

It was further agreed that the activities of the Society should be conducted in an informative and open manner with all members having an equal opportunity to participate in the decision making process of the Society. All the business and social activities of the Society are controlled through meetings conducted by the members every two months except in unusual circumstances when special meetings are convened. The Office Bearers of the Society act at the direction of the members and minutes of all meetings are distributed through an informative, topical newsletter every few months.

1993: The Code of Ethics and Constitution and Rules and Regulations were introduced in draft form at this meeting. The August meeting contained amendments to Code of Ethics, Constitution, Rules and Regulations as discussed. Membership forms created.  Special General meeting was held in October to accept amendments to Constitution, Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations, all passed. A notice of motion was passed to incorporate the association.

1994  Great Britain, French, First Victorian, and Feline Control Council ‘Birman Standards’ were produced in our newsletter for comment by members. Pet birthday greeting card was set up, and is sent out to pet Birmans to recognize their unique importance.

1995: The Birman standard of the Feline Control Council was accepted as the preferred standard for the Society.

1997: A suggestion was put forward to affiliate with the Governing Cat Council; of Australia and Victoria, to gain a formal affiliation in the cat world, with the view to holding shows. The voting form to accompany newsletter.

1998: Affiliation to go ahead with two delegates nominated to represent the club at council meetings, and adoption of GCCFA&V and breed standard.  First show proposed date set for 22nd August 1999.

1999: The first Birman Society show was held on 22nd August 1999. The two ring all breeds show was held in the Warrandyte Community Centre Warrandyte, and well supported by Birman owners.

2000: Our August show was held at Mullauna College Mitcham.

2001 brought a major change, with the Society introducing two shows a year, to be run in the months of May and August. The introduction of three ring shows have proved to be very popular and attract a large number of entries, as has been the case in 2002. Perpetual trophies discussed and sections agreed on.  Badge type decided. One will be metal, one will be plastic/magnet-backed. Photo’s to be submitted for cat on badge. Discussion on web page held, with the approval to complete the development. Suggestion for a 2-day show to be held for our 10th anniversary of the association, 6 rings, 3 rings each day.

2002: The photo presented by Lesley Freemann was accepted as the Birman cat to be placed on our badge. A major purchase for the society was a new photo copier, this has made the task of doing the newsletter, show catalogues, judging books and other society tasks a lot easier. Copies can be done without relying on other sources. Club colours were discussed, the use of shades of purple, mauve and lilac were decided upon. Members agreed to establish an internet site.  Samples of our plastic/magnet badge were presented; shape size and wording were agreed on. This design would become our name tag, which members now enjoy wearing to various shows and functions. This name tag was also adopted for judges as their show gift; this has been very well received. Kitten Care booklet is being developed and will go out to members for comment.  Perpetual trophies design and type have been agreed to by the members; the first presentation of these trophies will be in December 2002. The trophies will be allocated to; Best Female Adult. Best Male Adult. Best Kitten. Best Desexed cat.


2004:First Ragdoll Breeder Joined the club.










2014: The name of our club was changed from The Birman Society to Birman, Ragdoll and Associated Breeds Club.