Code of Ethics

All members of The Birman Society Inc. Agree to be guided by the following code of ethics:

  1. I WILL as breeder and/or owner feed and care properly for all cats and kittens which I own and am responsible for, providing adequate housing and veterinary care including vaccinations as required.
  2. I WILL encourage owners of pet kittens to have them desexed between the ages of 6 to 9 months. I will provide a copy of the pedigree upon production of a veterinary certificate of desexing.
  3. I WILL not obtain a mating for any animal that is sold as pet only.
  4. I WILL ensure that my breeding practices uphold the standards and bring honour to The Birman Society.
  5. I WILL ensure that all persons acquiring a cat or kitten from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal. I will provide details of diet, necessary veterinary care and grooming, current vaccination certificate covering both enteritis and influenza viruses, and any other information relevant to its well being.
  6. I WILL not sell or transfer from my care any kitten under 10 weeks of age, apart from under exceptional circumstances which will be advised to the Registrar.
  7. I WILL not knowingly sell a cat or kitten in ill health. I will ensure that any animal sold by me is parasite free, clean and sociable.
  8. I WILL notify buyers of any known faults to the best of my knowledge at the point of sale.
  9. I WILL not breed from a queen kept by me before it is 9 months of age and there after not more than twice a year.
  10. I WILL not sell for stud purpose any male without making the purchaser aware of his habits and requirements and the necessary facilities to house him.
  11. I WILL ensure that the necessary registration and pedigree as required by the purchase’s controlling body be proceeded with immediately the sale is finalised.
  12. I WILL not sell or dispose of cats or kittens to or through pet shops, markets or animal shelters or allow any cat or kitten to be awarded as a prize or donation of any kind.