Join the Birman, Ragdoll and Associated Breeds Club

Any person can be a member of the Club irrespective of their ownership of a Birman, Ragdoll or associated breed.

The simple criterion for acceptance as a member is to abide by the Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics and Constitution of the Club.

The Aims of the Society are :

1. To unite members in the bonds of friendship and mutual understanding in open forum.

2. To raise the status of the Birman, Ragdoll and associated breeds and create a high interest level and a better understanding of the breeds.

The care and promotion of Birmans, Ragdolls and associated breeds are of prime concern to the members of the Club. Included in the rights of membership is a ‘Code of Ethics’ for the protection and welfare of the animal.

All the business and social activities of the Club are controlled through meetings conducted by the members every two months except in unusual circumstances when special meetings are convened. The activities of the Club are conducted in an informative and open manner with all members having an equal opportunity to participate in the decision making processes of the Club. The Office Bearers of the Club act at the direction of the members.

The Club sends out birthday cards to all cats that belong to Pet Members each year.
The Club runs a show once a year which all members are welcome and encouraged to help run.

To become a Member, please contact the Secretary – Merriell Bilney email –